Friday, June 22, 2012


Since the wedding season is in full bloom for 2012, we will be starting a new series on our blog.  In this series, we will be featuring a group of talented, professional, and up-&-coming wedding vendors for the world to see.  This way, our brides and grooms-to-be can not only be exposed to these amazing vendors but to learn about their styles.

To kick things off, we recently caught up with the super beautiful and talented makeup & hair artist, Jessica of Beauty by Jessica Lee.

We read from your website that you began your venture into the makeup and hair artistry at a young age.  What or who were some of the inspirations for you while growing up?

I was always the girl that would tell my parents I was walking to the library, but would secretly take an hour detour to CVS and buy magazines and face powder. I would read Seventeen and YM magazines into the wee hours of the nights mesmerized at how beautiful all the girls looked. I would study the colors and textures to see how to recreate something I saw from a magazine into real life. As time went on, I began practicing hairstyles and makeup looks on play dates (do they still call them that in middle school?) and then my sister and her friends during their prom and eventually to where I am today.

How would you describe your personal style and work in the world of makeup artistry?

I would have to say my personal style would be natural with a pop of fun. I like to keep clients looking like their true self while using their own personal taste to add a bit of extra somethin' somethin' to their look! 

Who (celebrities or other makeup artists) are your current inspirations in your work today?

Style wise, my favorite celebrity to watch is Lauren Conrad. I think she's simple and chic, yet is incredibly bold and trendy without going too over the top. She's the perfect balance! 

In the makeup world, one of my biggest inspirations is Kevyn Aucoin. His artistry is brilliant and overwhelming! Despite his difficult life, had the ability to transform clients through makeup while inspiring people with his bright personality. Another one would be Bobbi Brown. She not only has a fabulous line of makeup, but she is the queen of natural and classic makeup! What makes these two artists inspirational for me and what sets them apart from other artists is not only their talent, but that they both have a love for humanity and helping out others. I also covet all of their makeup books. Books by both of these artists are the best ones I have! 

What are some of the trends in makeup and hairstyles during wedding season 2012?

For 2012 wedding hair, I would say vintage looks are really popular these days. Oh! Also, hair accessories! I will actually be sporting a feather hairclip and a small top hat for my own wedding! I will be wearing them at different times throughout the day, of course. For makeup, I would say keeping your face natural but having one thing be "bold" has been really popular - whether it be a smokey eye with neutral lips, a neutral eye with bright red lips, or a natural face with big luscious lashes! 

We heard that you are engaged will be getting married this November (WOOHOO!).  What is one top beauty tip you will offer to your fellow brides out there?

The one top beauty tip I would offer is to stay true to who you are. I know a lot of girls that want to look completely different and look glammed up - but then they look back at their pictures and they think, "Whoa! Did i really look like that? That doesn't even look like me!" Even though I think it's important to glam up, I think it is equally important not to stray too far away from who you are. Makeup should only be used to enhance the beauty we already have. :)

Lastly, who will be doing your makeup and hair on YOUR wedding day?

The lovely Sachiko Yanese with be doing my hair. Ever since I went with my best friend to her makeup and hair trial a couple years back, I knew I wanted Sachiko to do my hair. I'm still debating whether or not to do my own makeup for my wedding since I'm so picky about the way my makeup is done! I don't want to be a bridezilla for anyone! Haha! 

For more information on Jessica's work, please visit her website by clicking here.

*If you're a tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) wedding vendor with much to offer to the exciting world of weddings and interested in being featured on my blog, please contact me HERE! :)


Anonymous said...

Love Jess' approach to hair and makeup. :D

My Story said...

Not only is Jessica a dear friend of mine;she's also a wonderful woman with an array of talent and expertise! Makes me wish I could tie the knot all over again, just so she could work her magic on my hair and face :)
I highly recommend checking out both her website, and her youtube channel- she has fabulous tutorials & DIY's!
Much Love to Jess, So happy to see her featured!

Chicachew said...

Jess is amazing and wonderful! She will have the perfect wedding day! You can just feel the love in her videos and her engagement photos captured her joyful spirit! ^_^

pinkxlipgloss said...

Im so excited to see Jessica featured. Shes one of the most humble, sweet, wholesome, & talented women i've ever got to meet. Her youtube videos are one of my favorite things to watch. Not to mention reading her blog. She's one of the best girls out there and im so happy I can call her my friend.